The 2024 Fuse Casey Pro

    Casey Kiernan-McCullough has been in the skim scene for quite some time now and she has a lot to show for it. Not just a deep bag of tricks and some awesome style but as well as 3 World Championship titles. Not too shabby, right? So we figured it only made sense for her to have her own pro model. Introducing the “Casey Pro” Fuse. The Fuse, one of our most popular shapes, has been Casey’s go-to shape for the past few seasons so for it to don her own signature graphic was a no-brainer. Hot off of her 1st place finish at the OBX Skim Jam, we caught up with Casey to see just how she feels about her new shred stick. Check out the interview below and then pick one up for yourself HERE!

    Zap: How stoked are you to have your very own pro model?!
    Casey: You  know that feeling when you get a sick barrel during a contest heat? Yeah, THAT STOKED!

    Zap: What kind of conditions does the “Casey Pro” Fuse excel in?
    Casey: The reason I love this shape so much is because of how versatile it is. In Florida, we get all types of waves and with traveling to other states to skim and compete, I like to just have one board that I can count on to help me perform as I want or need to. For straight waves with critical turns, it has great responsiveness and for liners, it carries float and speed to hit additional maneuvers. It really has a bit of everything!

    Zap: What are some of your favorite tricks to throw down on it?
    Casey: I’ve been hooked on locking in my 3 shuvs out to the wave because this board is so easy to throw around, but, I’d have to say my new favorite trick is a big back side hack tail slide. The board is quick to hit the critical pocket and lock in it.

    Zap: Who did the graphics for it? Is there any special meaning behind them?
    Casey: I designed my own graphic and the team at Zap helped pretty it up! I came up with the idea because it’s a fun little concept, but the pineapple skull with the heart shaped sunglasses is a reminder to skim hardcore but be sweet and show love when you’re out there!

    Zap: How does it compare to some of the other boards in the line-up?
    Casey: You’ll have to ride one to find out! Haha, but some of the other shapes have a specific type of wave that it’s best for, but my Pro Model shape is consistent in all waves.

    Zap: What kind of rider would you recommend for this board?
    Casey: For anyone wanting to take their game to the next level and especially the east coasters, this is a great choice!

    Zap: What are some of the things you’re most stoked on when talking about your pro model?
    Casey: I get stoked on how stoked everyone else is on it! The graphics and colors are the initial hype, but when other skimmers tell me they love the way it rides, it’s the icing on the cake.

    Zap: Is there anything else you’d like to add about it?
    Casey: Just that I’m so thankful to everyone at Zap for giving me the opportunity to have a pro model because it helps to show other women and girls that we are valued in the skim industry and that if you keep working towards your dreams, they’ll come true. THANK YOU ZAP! Big love!


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