Season Recap: Yahir Valencia

    Yahir Valencia is one of those riders that everyone stops what they’re doing to watch when he gets out on the water. Not only does he have effortless style, he is such a force on the water whether he is doing some technical combo of tricks or going big, you can’t help but watch when he’s riding. This past season, he traveled a lot with his older brother, Gerardo Valencia, to compete and free ride. We know you’ve been watching all the recap videos that feature him! We caught up with Yahir before he heads back home to Mexico for the winter season to train to see how he felt about the year and what he’s looking forward to in 2024. Check it out below!

    ZAP: Yo buddy, congrats on a great season and your win at Oktoberfest! How do you feel about the victory?
    Yahir: It was a season with a lot of learning and hard work to achieve the goals. I feel great and very happy to take the victory and to share unforgettable moments with all the people who supported me.

    ZAP: How do you prepare for big competitions?
    Yahir: Training and practice every day. I’m usually riding with Gerardo and he always pushes me to ride my best.

    ZAP: What were the conditions like at Balboa Pier?
    Yahir: One of the best and most incredible conditions in the entire season, for sure. One of the few places that reminds me of home!

    ZAP: Who’s your biggest competition?
    Yahir: I am my own biggest competition but besides me, the competitor who pushes me to my maximum level is Lukas Fink.

    ZAP: Do you enjoy traveling and competing?
    Yahir: It's a great dream to be able to travel and compete against the best in the world in skimboarding. I love to travel and compete, it’s incredible.

    ZAP: What was it like having your family at Oktoberfest?
    Yahir: Having my family at Oktoberfest was an incredible experience! Both Gerardo and I were so happy that they could be there.

    ZAP: When are you going home to Mexico?
    Yahir: Very soon! November 10th.

    ZAP: Do you have a girlfriend?
    Yahir: Nope, not at the moment. I’m still single!

    ZAP: How will you prepare for the 2024 season?
    Yahir: Intense hard work, more practice, and more knowledge about the competition rules.

    ZAP: Anything more you would like to say?
    Yahir: I always try to set a good example for the children. I like that this sport continues to grow, but more as a united community where we can all have fun and enjoy ourselves with all the friends we make around this sport and the world. Follow your dreams and never give up...

    Contest Results:
    Melaque Magia: 3rd Place
    Jackalope Fest: 1st Place
    Santa Cruz Skim Bash: 2nd Place
    OBX Skim Jam: 1st Place
    Zap World Championship: 8th Place
    The VIC: 3rd Place
    Oktoberfest: 1st Place

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    • Best of luck to you Yahir! I took my hellcat v2 to divorce beach, Cabo San Lucas this summer and had an absolute blast. I’m from SWFL so we don’t get much waves but I strive almost everyday to work on my technique and performance as well as show others my love for this sport. Hopefully by the time I graduate I’ll be side by side with some of the pros that have influenced me throughout my training. Best of luck to you all! Stay salty and shred on!!!

      Gavin Garulay
    • Chango is the epitome of what Skimboarding represents.
      Love/ Compassion/ Respect. Approachable, always willing to offer helpful suggestions and share techniques while eating healthy portions of humble pie.
      His skim progress and skills have exploded and I look forward to what tricks he and Geri have brewing up their sleeves for the next season.


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