The 2023 Cazador

    Gerardo Valencia is one of those riders who is known far and wide for his hard-charging, high-energy riding and that’s why we love him! With that said, the 2021 United Skim Tour World Champion has to be 100% confident in his gear if he’s going to perform at the level that he’s used to. So when it came to designing the Cazador, Gerardo knew he wanted a board that could do it all. The Cazador is just that. Its traditional skim outline paired with its ⅝” core has the speed and agility for the larger conditions while still checking all the boxes you need to shred in small to medium waves. Its pin-tail design makes sure you can turn on a dime so you can wrap in a wave without a problem and with the help of the ⅝” core, it has plenty of take off speed and volume to not only get out to the larger swell, but handle it like a champ.

    But when it comes to the smaller waves, this board is a force to be reckoned with. You can get as technical as you want on the Cazador. Whether you’re popping huge straight airs or working on your 540 bigspin, the Cazador can keep up with you no problem. All you have to do is check out some of Gerardo’s pictures or clips to know exactly what we’re talking about! It’s also a favorite of some of our other riders like Dylan Duncan and Gerardo’s younger brother, Yahir Valencia.. Both riders have a very similar riding style to Gerardo because they just absolutely send it at every given opportunity so this board pairs very well with them. Yahir just won the KING OF CABO contest on it so you know there’s got to be something to it! Check it out below and when you’re ready, pick one up here!


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