The 2023 Joyride

    The Joyride is one of our more unique boards in the Zap line. As a part of the “Ultra-Team” Collection, you know the Joyride is built to the highest standards that we have so it can handle all the abuse that you’re going to put it through! The Joyride lives up to its name with its retro fish design that holds speed down the line while giving you plenty of maneuverability. With its parallel outline and plenty of surface area, this board holds very well in the wave and the swallow tail provides you the ability to turn on a dime. Riders like Zack Carter and Naji Taha love boards like the Joyride because it means they don’t have to hold back. Whether it’s a shore break or you have to work to get out to the waves, the Joyride won’t slow you down.

    Designed by our resident board guru Steve Boomhower, the Joyride is ⅝” thick so you can glide father and longer with the extra volume. Coupled with our FlexSpin™ Carbon Stringer and PolyLam™ Texture Finish, the Joyride is a super responsive ride that you’re sure to dig. Made to handle the smaller waves of the Florida coast to the bombs out in Mexico and everywhere in between, the Joyride is sure to be the new favorite deck for the skimmer looking to take down every wave in his or her way! Check out some photos below and pick one up HERE!


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