The 2023 Prowler

    Our ultra-team line up of boards are designed for high energy, no-holds-barred riding and the Prowler lives up to that design not only in name but in performance as well. A successor to our popular HellCat board, the Prowler ups the ante by not only having the speed and stability of the HellCat but by adding a wing round tail design that allows for more maneuverability out on the water. Once you get on the gas, this board goes! And this new tail design will allow you to get right where you want on any wave and helps to hold better while wrapping around those larger waves that you’ve got your eyes set on.

    Built to stand up to anything you can throw at it, the Prowler is built with our E-Glass™ Wrap and V.R.T™ Technology. On top of that, it has our PolyLam™ Texture finish for extra grip and and FlexSpine™ Carbon Stringer for extra pop and rigidity throughout the board. Some of our riders’ go-to shape, we chatted with team rider Alex Farrell to see what he digs about the Prowler and why he picks it as his main board time and time again! Check it out below then go see what the hype is about yourself!

    Zap: What do you look for in a board and how does the Prowler measure up to that?
    Alex: I look for a board that provides versatility and responsiveness. The Prowler has been holding true!

    Zap: Which size Prowler do you prefer and why?
    Alex: You want to find the size closest to your sweet spot located mid chest for maximum performance and control.

    Zap: What are some of your favorite features of the Prowler?
    Alex: The width and tapered tail help go the distance while maintaining control when reaching the wave.

    Zap: Do you have any tips to help someone get the most out of their Prowler set-up?
    Alex: Weight placement at the tail of the board is key. It provided you with the leverage you need for quick turns while the center helps you maintain speed and balance. Be sure to place traction pads for that extra support!

    Zap: What are the best conditions for riding the Prowler?
    Alex: That’s the great thing about the Prowler. It can handle all conditions! From skinny water to chop hops!

    Zap: Are there any other boards in the line-up that you would compare it to?
    Alex: It’s like the Fuse X…but on steroids!

    Zap: What are some of your favorite tricks to throw on the Prowler?
    Alex: The Prowler allows you to throw multiple tricks in one run. I love popping a 3 shuv on my way out to a big hack. Try one out and see for yourself.


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