"This or That?" with Sam McCoy

    Sam McCoy is no stranger to the good times on the skim. He’s been in the scene for a while and has some of the best style out there. Growing up in Dewey Beach definitely helped him shape his riding! But what makes him tick? We caught up with Sam to fire off some rapid fire questions known as “This or that?” so check it out below and keep an eye out for more in the future with your favorite Zap riders!

    ZAP: Dawn patrol or afternoon session?
    Sam: Nothing beats a classic afternoon sesh at home in Dewey!

    ZAP: Frontside or backside?
    Sam: I’ll have to say backside!

    ZAP: Airs or slayshes?
    Sam: Definitely a nice slash!

    ZAP: Style or tech tricks?
    Sam: Doing tech tricks with style!

    ZAP: Dewey Beach or a different spot?
    Sam: I’d have to say Dewey since that's home base. But I do love some fat Aliso wraps.

    ZAP: Chill or hype sessions?
    Sam: Hype!

    ZAP: Liners or wraps?
    Sam: Liners!

    ZAP: Cold or warm water?
    Sam: Definitely warm

    ZAP: Skimming with Jdub or your brother, Lucas?
    Sam: Love skimming with both of em but gonna have to go with Lucas!

    ZAP: Not so much a “this or that” question but…your go-to Zap shred stick?

    Sam: The Boomhower! Been my go to board forever. Before that it was the Jamie Lovett Pro model, but Zap doesn't make that anymore

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