Winchin' Waves with John Akerman, ET Beaugrand, & Zeke Williams

    All of us skimmers know what it’s like to show up to a spot and go for a session. Pretty simple really. You run, drop, and slide. Well, what if you took the running out of the equation and could just focus on going as fast and as big as possible? That’s exactly what team riders John Akerman, ET Beaugrand, and Zeke Williams had in mind when they brought the winch out to Melbourne Beach, FL. Rolling up to the beach at sunrise, we found it to be all but empty so we scoped out a nice spot to set up everything and got to work. After digging out some anchor spots and getting the winch prepped, John Akerman took the inaugural pulls and started to absolutely send it! With John’s winch, you can control the speed and pull straight from the handle so while John was winching, ET and Zeke took turns running in on waves to get warmed up. After John took a few pulls, he handed off the sticks to ET and after a quick tutorial, he got right to it as well. Starting off with a few hard wraps, ET started boosting as well, throwing airs, back 3’s and more. Next up was Zeke Williams and he didn’t disappoint! His first go, he hit the send button a little too hard and got launched on the first wave he hit. Coming up laughing, he ran back down the beach to get some more. The boys spent the rest of the morning trading off turns and having the best time. Check out the images from the session below now and go give it a try for yourself! 

    "Winching allows you to reach the waves you can’t on a skim, the session was a bunch of fun, yet challenging. always full of laughs with these guys!" - Zeke Williams
    "There’s nothing better than warm winter days searching for ramps with the winch and the homies!" - John Akerman
    “Winching is so fun because it allows you to be able to skim waves that usually aren’t reachable from shore. This session was filled with perfect ramps to throw airs off of and a few barrels in between. Good times!” - ET Beaugrand

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